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Awesome, above and beyond, this man needs a raise!

By Daryl J. on June 12, 2018

Rockford,IL | Service Department

I purchased my roadglide last year, which is when I met Mitch. You know how you can tell if the person you are talking to is interested or just trying to sell you something? Mitch is not that person, from day 1, he answered all of my questions, gave me prices and looked things up all while knowing I was not buying anything. When I did purchase items for my bike(Fat Joe) I looked for Mitch. He give sage advice good stories and all with a firm handshake,looking in your eyes and a smile. The handshake is a symbol of trust, looking in your eyes ...sincerity and the smile is just good manners. Mitch needs a raise!! Or at least hire more like him!! Customer service keeps the door dinging, the phone dinging and the cash register singing, Thanks Mitch!